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Odin’s Eye Ceramic Plate

I was in the studio working away while listening to @neilhimself’s audio book ‘Norse Mythology’. I got so wrapped up in the stories that I had to stop what I was working on to start painting plates with the visions swirling around my head.

The first was about Odin’s Eye, a metaphor for perception and worldly understanding. Odin sacrificed an eye, but gained a more sacred, divine level of wisdom in return.

This ceramic plate is a unique artwork to hang on the wall or place on the shelf. Made with stoneware clay and decorated using the cuerda seca technique. I draw the design using oil and oxides and then carefully fill the spaces with glaze before firing the plate in the electric kiln at 1250°C.

This artwork can be used to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. Not suitable for serving food.

Approximate dimensions: Diameter: 28cm Depth: 4cm (Inches: 11 x 1.5)

Ready-to-ship. I use all sustainable packing, no plastic.


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