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Inca Visions Ceramic Plate


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A contemporary ceramic artwork to bring vibrant colors and and intricate design into your home.

Inca Visions is an original ceramic artwork inspired by my travel in Peru. The decorative plate is meticulously painted by hand using the Cuerda Seca technique. Fired in an electric kiln at 1000°C.

Approximate dimensions: Diameter: 28cm Depth: 4cm (Inches: 11 x 1.5)

This artwork can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces. It is not suitable for serving food.

Included: the Inca Visions ceramic plate as seen in photos and one metal plate hanger. Ready to ship.

Designing with decorative plates

Decorative ceramic plates allow for great design versatility. You can hang plates on the wall by themselves or in a collection. They can be used to break up horizontal and vertical lines by placing them on a shelf. If you’d like to learn more about decorating with plates, you can read more here.

Ceramic gifts

If this ceramic plate is a gift and you want to include gift wrapping and a personal message, please contact me. I’m happy to help you create something special.

Original artwork

I create each unique piece from start to finish in my small ceramic studio in Barcelona and I ship worldwide. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.

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