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InArtist Inauguration

Update: unfortunately this project did not stand the tests of time…

InArtist is a global community whose members can share their points of view on any type of art and related stories. Using a “glocal” (global plus local) approach, the InArtist platform aims to create social communities including tips, groups, events at both international and local levels.


Amelia Johannsen: during my first year of transforming my creativity into a profession, I’ve found that my biggest obstacle is quieting the imposter syndrome and claiming my calling.

BCN World Music Project: founded in April 2017 as an international initiative that aims to bring people from different cultures and nationalities together through music in the pursuit of mutual understanding and coexistence.

Christophe Debauve: Art Director, Designer and a Branding Strategist. He founded a branding agency nearly 5 years ago and lead artistic vision of the agency. He helps to define and synthesize ideas and then give a visual form to a project. He will share the vision that is beyond his Studio and give some tips to artists for a successful communication through new media platforms.

Devorah Korek: she is from the USA and has been in Europe since 1992. She still dedicates some of her career time to training women to become professional teachers and dancers in Middle Eastern dance forms, which she began to practice in 1977. However, for the last 15 years, she has increasingly turned her attention towards helping others to find their authentic life path.

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