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decorative ceramic plates

Decorative Ceramic Plates

Decorative ceramic plates enrich design versatility, textural quality and visual beauty on your walls. Adorn your home with original art!

Nature Plates

Patterns inspired by nature can boost spirits and create a welcoming environment indoors by reflecting the world outdoors.

These unique ceramic plates fuse contemporary design with wild scenes from roaring beaches and pristine forests.

Each piece is an original artwork with layers and textures. Some designs fuse sand or natural elements with the clay and glaze.

swirl ceramic art amelia johannsen

How to use ceramic plates in your interior design

Ceramic plates allow for great design versatility. They can hang by themselves, in collections or mixed-matched groups. Use them to break up strict horizontal and vertical lines, fill large open spaces, or bring character to unexpected places.

Painted Plates

Ceramic plates are not just eating vessels, but works of art to be displayed and venerated.

These unique painted ceramic plates are designed exclusively for home decor and high art. They’re created using different techniques such as cuerda seca or layering slips and underglazes.

decorative ceramic plate

About the artist

Amelia Johannsen merges her Pacific Northwest roots with the colorful, eclectic influences of Barcelona, Spain where she lives and works since 2005. Amelia’s artwork celebrates the vitality and flow in feminine energy and her love for the great outdoors.

Earthen Roots

This original collection of earthenware ceramic plates can be hung indoors or outdoors, ideal for any collector’s home or garden.

Each plate has a unique hand-carved design using slip and the sgraffito technique, allowing the beautiful red color of the clay to shine through.

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