Bring nature home.

Rustic, bold and unconventional.
Mindfully designed ceramic art.

Dining, serving and storage.
Natural shapes and earthy tones.

Hanging sculptures bring vivid
beauty to your walls

Unique vessels to create inspirational spaces.

For living spaces with an authentic,
tactile depth of beauty

Collectable ceramic art plates for
distinctive and inspirational spaces.

Works of art made from the
broken bits in my studio.

Passionate about clay. Inspired by nature.

My work combines technical difficulty with with decorative simplicity. I love to play and experiment so all of the pieces in my shop are one-of-a-kind or made in very small batches.

…What my customers are saying…

Amazing crafter!

I ordered several ceramics from Amelia and her work is beautiful. Will order more ceramics from her! Her communication all the way from order to shipping and beyond is excellent. Amazing crafter!

Alexandre Scriabine

Unique with very lively colors

I love these irregularly shaped creations. They are unique with very lively colors. Very well packaged. Perfect transaction like always. Thanks for all!

Melanie Normandin

Looking to make a special gift

Amelia’s creations are as delicate as they are original, each one has its own story and reflects the passion and care it has put into it. If like me you were looking to make a special gift to someone, or to yourself, this is the place, because each piece is unique. The most difficult will be to choose between all her creations!

Lisa Bayle

Her attention to detail is incredible

WOW! Amelia’s ceramic pieces are beautiful! I was a little worried about having them shipped but they all arrived perfectly! Her attention to detail is incredible.

Danae Crook

Beautiful art for sale

Amelia is a very talented ceramist. She always has beautiful art for sale, I have a few pieces at home and got nice presents for friends and family. Her studio also organizes ceramic workshops where they teach you the basics and how to use the wheel. I really recommend it!

Hana Gausfain

'Art is not a thing;
it is a way.'

- Elbert Hubbard

ceramic art plate

If you have any questions about shipping to your country please send me an email.

ceramic art decorative plate

All pieces are handmade by me from start to finish.

ceramic art plate

Living and creating sustainably is important to me:. I use renewable energy & strict reduce/reuse,/recycle rules.

decorative ceramic plate

I accept all major credit cards and cryptocurrency (coming soon). If you have any questions please send me an email.

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